YZDVD is a free DVD player that features parental control settings
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Yu Zhang

YZDVD is a free DVD player for Windows. This application enables us to play both original and burned video files in the IFO format on our computer. There is a parental control menu that allows us to optionally set the level of restriction that we may like to apply according to the age of our children. The rating system that appears in this program, that is, G, PG, PG-13, R, and N-17, is the same system that the Motion Picture Association of America is currently using. It is possible to set this program to play a video at any specified time, play forward/backward, stop/pause/mute, play/replay a given chapter, and view the subtitles/karaoke (when available). We may also set the following image options: brightness, hue, gamma, sharpness, contrast, and saturation, set the volume, get audio/video/subpicture attributes, and view the movie on full screen. This program lets us set the widescreen format to any of the following aspect ratios: 4X3 (pan and scan, and letterbox) or 16X9; although this option strongly depends on the properties of the DVD movie. The user interface is very straightforward and it contains no ads.
I must say that the parental control settings are not password protected so we cannot prevent kids from changing them if we are not present.

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  • Free
  • No adware/spyware
  • Parental control settings


  • The only help guide available is at the developer's site
  • Only in English
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